Appealing a Permanently Banned From TikTok Ban

Appealing a Permanently Banned From TikTok Ban
Appealing a Permanently Banned From TikTok Ban


If you have been permanently banned from TikTok, don't panic. You can still appeal against your ban. Just follow the instructions below and include your username and any evidence that substantiates your appeal. Also, be sure to read through TikTok's community guidelines and terms of service to ensure your appeal is handled properly. Remember, however, that being rude and impolite will not help your appeal.


The controversial video-sharing app TikTok recently banned popular YouTuber Addison Rae. She was one of the most popular users on TikTok, with over 85 million followers. In addition, she is one of the highest paid TikTok stars. She even made her Met Gala debut this past month. The reasons for her permanent ban are not yet clear. Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion.

Previously, Addison Rae had been suspended from TikTok, but then was allowed to reactivate it. The reason for her suspension was because she breached the company's community guidelines, which prohibit activities that perpetuate the abuse of children and young people, as well as the portrayal of nudity or sexual abuse. However, the Twitter user had over 85 million followers before her suspension. This figure was increased after she posted several videos of trending dances.

Addison Rae's ban was accompanied by a tweet joking about her upcoming job. However, she has now been able to joke about the ban after her account was reinstated. The controversial star has since appeared on the podcast Reign with Josh Smith. The ban will definitely not have an adverse impact on her career, and she is expected to reclaim her account soon. If she does, she will definitely continue to do so.


The news that TikTok banned three of its most popular stars has created a flurry of concern among tik tok users. Bella Poarch, Addison Rae, and D'Amelio were recently banned. The sudden bans, however, left many tik tok users confused and upset. While there are no concrete reasons for the bans, it's possible that they were all punished for 'violations' of TikTok's Community Guidelines.

The reason behind D'Amelio's ban is unclear. Although she was one of the biggest content creators on the platform, she did not violate the community guidelines, and the ban was likely caused by a glitch. While she has since been unbanned, many users are wondering how she managed to get banned in the first place. Despite having over 100 million followers, D'Amelio's account has since resurfaced.

After Rae's permaban, other TikTok creators have been slapped with similar permabans. As the largest creator of the app, Charli D'Amelio's ban has caused a flurry of confusion among fans. Although the younger D'Amelio had not posted about her pending ban, she'd already addressed bullying on the platform.

Although TikTok has yet to clarify the reasons behind D'Amelio's shadowban, she did say that it was a temporary censorship, and it's possible she may be permanently banned from the social networking site. Despite these reasons, the decision may be a slap in the face of an incredibly talented young person. With so many fans worldwide, D'Amelio's ban will cause a stir.


Bella Poarch, the world-famous video creator who gained fame after her music track "Build a B*tch," was recently banned from TikTok. However, it appears that this ban was unjust, as all of her major accounts are now back online. The reason for the ban is still unknown, although many users have speculated that it might be a glitch on the TikTok side.

Recently, TikTok has banned three of its most popular creators, including Addison Rae and Charli D'Amelio. While Poarch is currently the most popular creator on the site, her most popular video "M to the B" has over 88 million views. It has also garnered more than six million views on YouTube. Those numbers are sure to be a cause for concern for her fans.

In a shocking move, the Tik Tok community is outraged over the decision to ban three top creators. Poarch, Charli D'Amelio, and Addison Rae have all been labelled "notable" content creators by the company. But other consumers have reacted differently to the decision. While many fans are wondering why Poarch was banned, others are wondering what happened to the video creators.

As for D'Amelio and Poarch, both of whom have millions of followers, their suspensions have caused outrage among TikTok users. The bans are a result of TikTok's rules and community guidelines, and it is unclear as to why these creators were banned. If you're curious about why these users were banned, check out the Social Telecast on April 14.


After being suspended by TikTok, Rae McEntire has returned to the social media platform. She is one of the first wave of new age celebrities in 2020, with over eighty-four million followers. The ban was the first major step towards the reinstatement of Rae's account. The reason behind her suspension is still unclear. TikTok claims to have a five percent false-positive rate. Nevertheless, the number of videos Rae was banned from is still higher than the number of users who were reinstated.

The Twitter user tweeted screenshots of the ban in response to the news. The suspension came after she violated the platform's guidelines multiple times. TikTok says that accounts can be banned for serious violations of the guidelines and that behavior offline can also be considered when deciding to ban an account. After a long suspension, Rae resurfaced on the platform a few hours later. Although the reason for her suspension remains unclear, it is likely that she has already lost the trust of users.

While it's unclear why Rae was banned from TikTok, it's clear the app has taken steps to prevent the spread of inflammatory content on its platform. In its Community Guidelines, TikTok prohibits violent extremism, harassment, and sexual content, among other things. If you violated the rules, you could be permanently banned from the app. In the meantime, you can still post your videos, but the community will no longer have access to them.


If you were suspended or permanently banned from TikTok, you may be wondering what you can do to get your account back. Luckily, there are several ways to appeal your suspension. Firstly, you can email TikTok and explain your situation. Be sure to attach screenshots and documents that prove your case. Additionally, you can submit a feedback form. While the feedback form does not guarantee your account's reinstatement, it will help you get in touch with TikTok customer support.

In some cases, your account may be temporarily suspended for violating the TikTok community guidelines. In such cases, you may be able to continue using the app and posting, though you will see your profile data blank. A permanent suspension, on the other hand, suspends all activity on your account permanently, meaning you cannot post anything in the future. Suspension from TikTok is an extremely harsh punishment.

While you may be tempted to post inappropriate or illegal content, you should know that TikTok does not tolerate these activities. Violent content can get your account suspended and you could face legal action. If your videos have violent or sexual content, the TikTok AI may suspend them. If you are caught, you will be permanently banned. This action can be difficult to reverse but there are a few things you can do.


If you've been permanently banned from TikTok, you might be wondering how you can get your account back. Permanent bans are usually issued for more serious offenses, but you still have options to get it back. If you've violated the terms of service, or if you've been caught doing something illegal, you can contact DoNotPay to request a permanent ban appeal. If you're in need of assistance appealing a TikTok ban, don't fret - they're here to help.

First, remember that the platform has the right to deny service to anyone who violates their terms of service. If your account is permanently banned for inciting violence, for example, you'll be denied access to the platform. After this period, you can try making a new account, but keep in mind that your IP may get struck and you could be reported to the authorities. Don't give up hope; there's help available to get your account back.

Second, try to appeal within the first few days of being banned. Sometimes, people who don't log in often may not realize that their account has been banned until a few days have passed. The reason why they don't notice their account is because they don't often log in. Moreover, they may have tens of accounts and don't notice the ban until they've already deleted them all.


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