How to Show My Channel on YouTube and Get Views

There are a few things you can do to make sure your channel appears in search results. You should make sure that your description is as informative as possible and that it includes relevant keywords and CTAs. You should also include a thumbnail of your video and a brief description of the video.

Create a YouTube channel

Whether you're just starting a YouTube channel or you're a seasoned pro, creating videos is an easy way to attract new viewers. YouTube videos can be incredibly entertaining and can be used as an opportunity to talk about a variety of topics. For example, you could make a video about your favorite song or how you get ready for the day. Other ideas for content on your YouTube channel include reviews of home tech and film.

You can upload custom channel art to your YouTube channel. Another option is to use a YouTube template. You can also upload photos from Google. Regardless of what you choose, you'll want to make sure your channel is engaging and shows your personality. You can make your channel look more personal by sharing tidbits about your personal life.

Make sure to include a descriptive text for your YouTube channel. This description will appear in search results, and in many places it's the only chance a searcher has to click on your video. Make sure your description demonstrates what your channel is all about, and include your core keywords.

Another option is to create a news commentary channel. This type of channel can become huge very quickly, especially if done consistently. Consider the rise of d'Angelo Wallace, who became a popular YouTuber in three years, thanks to his interpretations of news and culture. Having a decent camera and mic will help you create an entertaining channel for viewers.

Upload a video

You can easily upload a video to show your channel on YouTube and get views. YouTube offers various ways to monetize your video channel. Some options include sponsored content, product placement, and endorsements. You can also choose to make your video private or public. Videos that are public can be shared with subscribers and seen by anybody. You can also choose to share your video with social media sites. To share your video with your followers, you can either copy the URL or use the share button on the video page.

To increase your exposure, make sure your video is optimized for search engines. To do this, you can use keyword tools to select relevant keywords for your videos. Make sure that you use appropriate keywords in the title, description, and file name. You can also use the free audio library on YouTube to edit your audio.

You can also use annotations to make it easier for viewers to navigate through your channel. These annotations can be placed at the top right or left corner of the video. This will allow them to navigate to the next or previous video without having to scroll through pages of content. The annotations will also give the viewer a link to subscribe to your channel and see more videos.

To upload a video, you need to log in to your YouTube account. After you log in, follow the instructions provided by YouTube. The uploading process can take up to 24 hours. During the uploading process, you can also view the progress of your video by viewing the blue bar on the top of the screen.

Create a thumbnail

The first step in creating a YouTube thumbnail is to choose a size for the image. YouTube allows up to 2MB for a thumbnail. Choose a size that works well on all devices. A YouTube thumbnail should be responsive and easily readable. You can also use an image-editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.

Another essential part of a YouTube thumbnail is the title text. It should be informative and explain what the video is all about. The font size and color scheme should also be consistent. You can also include a logo or brand name to show consistency across your videos. There are two ways to create a thumbnail with Canva: You can use your own images or use one of the templates available on the site. Either way, you can make changes on the "Edit" page.

You can also use headlines to add meaning to your thumbnail. Popular YouTube channels often render their headlines onto their thumbnails. Good YouTube thumbnails are eye-catching and also serve as scroll stoppers. There are a variety of free templates online for creating your own thumbnail. One of them, Canva, allows you to add text and edit images, and allows you to choose from a wide range of fonts and icons.

Customizing your YouTube thumbnail is easy. The first step is to verify your account. This process takes only a few minutes. After confirming your account, go to your profile page and select the "Channel" tab. In the channel tab, click "Edit" and enter your mobile number and verification code.

Write a video description

The best way to make your videos visible to potential customers is to write a compelling description. This is essential for a variety of reasons, including SEO and click-through rate. Your description should be at least 200 words long. It should include your primary keyword and at least two additional secondary keywords. You can use Google's keyword planner tool to determine which keywords to include.

While writing a video description, keep in mind that 70 percent of YouTube watchers use mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to use the right keywords in your description and write it in such a way as to catch their attention. In addition, keep in mind that your description must be optimized for mobile devices so it will be displayed clearly on watch pages and search results.

The first line of your video description will be read by the audience. The second and third lines should inform your audience about the video's content and why they should watch it. Your video description should also give them some useful information about you and what they can expect from your videos. For example, you can include a summary of what your video is about and the details of the equipment you used to make it.

Your video description should also include a call to action. You can include links to your social media profiles, products, or articles that are related to your video. If your video is long, you can add timestamps so that viewers can search the content.

Add a subscribe bar

One of the easiest ways to increase subscriber numbers on your YouTube channel is to add a subscribe bar to your page. You can do this on a page or a post where you embed YouTube videos. To add a subscribe bar to your YouTube video, install the YouTube Subscribe Bar plugin and enter your channel ID.

Once you've added the subscribe bar, people can click on it to subscribe to your channel. They'll see a dot next to your channel's name and a confirmation prompt on their screen. However, you should note that older channels may only display the word "user" in the address bar.

After you've added the YouTube subscribe bar, you can customize it. You can change the color and style of the text on it. You can change the font or color scheme, and even change the layout. You can choose a dark or light theme. You can also manage the padding.

The process is easy. First, you must upload the image that you want to use for your YouTube subscribe bar. If you don't have your own image, you can find one on the Internet. Then, log in to your YouTube account, select your channel from the menu, and select the customize button. You'll see a new page where you can choose a brand and customize your channel. From there, you can choose a video watermark and a subscribe button to add to your videos.

Build an email list of subscribers

One of the best ways to generate leads is to build an email list of subscribers for your channel. In this article, you'll learn how to build a list and then how to segment your subscribers to deliver highly-relevant content to them. If you want to get more subscribers, you need to create a lead magnet, a free resource you can share with your audience in exchange for their email addresses.

The first step is to create a catchy subject line. Your subject line should contain an interesting description of your product or service. You can also add a hidden message, which appears in the email preview window, but isn't shown in the body of the email. This can help increase your open rate and make subscribers more likely to purchase from you.

Another way to build a list is to use a thank-you page. This is one of the most underrated places to grow your list. You can use your thank-you page to offer a freebie or special discount. This can also encourage your subscribers to forward your emails to other people. When your subscribers do forward your emails, be sure to include details about how to unsubscribe.

Using email marketing is a proven way to turn visitors into customers. When combined with Facebook ads and pop-up forms, email marketing has been shown to increase conversions. An email list will allow you to showcase your products and share your story. If you're lucky enough to get a large number of subscribers, you can even turn them into paying customers.

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