Who Can See My Liked Videos on TikTok?

Who Can See My Liked Videos on TikTok?
Who Can See My Liked Videos on TikTok?


If you're wondering who can see your liked videos on TikTok, read this article to learn how to change your settings. This will allow you to view and rewatch the videos that other people like, and it will also let you view the videos that other people have liked. Read on to learn how to change the privacy settings of your own liked videos and the videos of others. You'll find out how to do it right now!

Change the privacy settings of your liked videos on TikTok

TikTok provides many settings to help customize your experience, from setting a verification code to changing your privacy levels. There are different ways to customize your settings, from making sure only those with verified email addresses can see your videos to disabling Stitch and Duets videos from appearing in your followers' recommendations. You can also add a passcode to your account to keep people from viewing your videos.

To change the privacy settings of your liked videos, go to the profile tab and click "Privacy." Then, click "Who can view your videos?"

You can also change the privacy settings of your videos by visiting the profile page of the creator. Usually, you will see this option under the top three or fourth options. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the "Privacy Settings" option. In this screen, you can choose whether you want everyone to view your videos, only you, or only the creators of those videos.

To change the privacy settings of your liked videos on TikinTok, click the three-line icon in the top right corner of your profile. Click on "Liked Videos" in the privacy tab. Then click "Everyone" to make your videos public. The number of people who like your videos will be listed below the video. You can also choose which videos you want to make private by clicking the heart icon on the right side.

To check if your liked videos are visible to others, click "Profile View" in the profile tab. This will reveal who has been stalking your profile over the past 30 days. However, you must toggle the "Profile View" setting to keep the people who have been stalking your profile from time to time visible to you. Rewatching your liked videos will boost your view count.

If you'd like your friends to see your videos, you can make them private. By default, your liked videos are public. You can change the status of them to "private" anytime. You can even delete your videos if they violate the TikTok terms of service. You can also change the privacy settings of your liked videos on TikTok if you feel the need to.

Rewatch your liked videos

There are several reasons why you may not be able to rewatch your liked videos on TikTok. Some of these reasons are related to the fact that you blocked the person you were liking. Once you have blocked someone, you will no longer be able to see their content. Fortunately, you can change the status of your video back to "public" if you want to view it again.

If you've ever rewatched a video you liked, you're probably familiar with the process. Once you've rewatched it, you can see how many times other users have liked it and whether or not they've shared it with their friends. If you've liked a video, you'll see a notification that says "You're being watched".

After this, however, you can still save your video to watch later. In the past, you've had to use your phone's built-in storage space to store your videos, which ruins your mobile device's performance. Luckily, TikTok has introduced an official "save" button. This feature is already common on other social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. It's an important feature for ensuring the safety of your data on the platform.

To rewatch your liked videos on TikTok, you must first find them. Thankfully, TikTok's system makes this process remarkably easy. Simply go to your profile page and tap the "heart" icon. You can also scroll down the list to find the video. You'll be able to see your watch history from this point forward. You can also find your favorites by searching for a video's title and description.

Unlike YouTube, there are no limits to the number of videos you can like on TikTok. If you want to view them again later, you can tap on the "love" icon to rate it. If you have many videos you liked, it is a good idea to save all of them. You can also use the "like" option to save sounds for later. Moreover, TikTok also allows you to follow videos that you like.

View other people's likes

You can always change the settings in TikTok so that you cannot see other people's liked videos. In the settings, go to "Privacy" and choose "Who can view my liked videos." In the privacy settings section, select "Only me" to hide any videos you don't want to be seen. You can also make your profile private, so that you won't be able to see videos others have liked.

When browsing other people's liked videos on TikTok, you'll see that some of the users have already commented on your post. Unlike Instagram, however, you can easily view videos that other people have liked. This feature is much easier to navigate than Instagram's, which requires you to go to a user's account settings to find it. If you'd like to see which videos other people have liked, you can simply message them and ask them to send you their liked video.

One of the main features of TikTok is the ability to see who has liked your videos. This feature was once a popular feature, but TikTok recently took it down because of privacy concerns. However, if you want to know who liked your videos, you can use TikTok's analytics feature. From here, you can view the number of views your videos have received, the age of those who liked your videos, and gender. This data is invaluable for determining your target audience.

If you are unsure of who liked your videos, you can always check out what other users have liked. To do this, you just tap the heart icon in the video you liked. The heart icon will turn red after you have liked it. However, if you accidentally liked a video, you can undo the action. Press the heart icon again to return the video to its original outline. TikTok offers many features, filters, and trends.

The "View other people's liked videos" feature was removed in TikTok after users complained. This feature is now disabled. While the feature is still available on the website, you can now't select "Friends" or "Everyone" as the people who can view your liked videos. However, this feature is no longer available on the mobile version of the site. You can still comment on videos and duet with other users.

View your own liked videos

In TikTok, you can choose to hide your own videos. You can do this by going to Settings and selecting Privacy. Then, you can choose to only show your own videos to certain people. However, you shouldn't do this if you don't want others to see your videos. This is not the best option, but it is certainly possible. You can still hide other people's videos by changing your settings.

To view your own videos, you must be logged in to the TikTok mobile app or desktop website. The screenshots in this guide were taken on the mobile app. Once you've logged in to your TikTok account, you can access your profile. Click on the heart icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. On the profile page, you can view all the videos you've liked.

The 'Like' feature on TikTok allows you to save videos for later viewing. Then, you can see which videos have received the most likes. You can also view your own videos if you want to. The app has other similar features for searching videos, like search for music, and more. By setting your privacy settings, you can see which videos are most popular with your friends.

However, if your liked videos are not showing up, this problem could be related to a server problem. In that case, you can use DownDetector to see the list of affected regions. It will also show which features of TikTok are affected, and you can even view a live map to see if the issue is affecting you. If you've already tried several other solutions to this problem, it is likely that the problem is not related to your own personal settings.

Another way to see how many views a video has is to directly leave a comment on it. That way, you'll know if your video was liked by someone else. Then, you can visit the profile page of the person who liked it. This way, you can easily see if you're on the right track in improving your content. In addition, you can also see who liked your video, and use the information to make your own videos better.

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