80+ Shopping quotes for instagram

80+ Shopping quotes for instagram

Instagram is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, and it can also be a great source of inspiration for your shopping ventures. Here are some quotes to get you started: 



  • If I could just get as much for my money on all of my shopping trips as I do on this one outfit, I'd be a wealthy woman.


  • When you spend all your hard earned money on clothes, instead of saving it for a down payment... #celebratoryspree


  • Can you handle me? Because I can't handle all this shopping.


  • Don't you almost wish it was Black Friday every single day? 😜


  • When you shop in New York City...you get everything.


  • Bout to get this shop on 🛍🛒


  • I spent all my money at ___________. You should really check it out!


  • I tried to spend money on a t-shirt today but it rejected my credit card 😒


  • So worth it!


  • You're worth it.


  • Sometimes you just have to treat yo' self.


  • because one can never have enough:


  • When your weekend shopping trip turns into an emotional investment.😂


  • I don't know how I spent money before I found my Nordstrom credit card.


  • Me: I should probably stop shopping. Also Me: … on to the next store. 🚫🚫


  • Spent my Saturday night cleaning out my closet & feeling really proud of myself for not making any purchases. Then Sunday evening happened.


  • I spent my entire budget in one trip, it was so worth it.


  • I'm going to need a second job when I move back to New York City just so I can keep buying clothes online.


  • The best way to shop is don't have a list and don't have a budget. See what you can find.


  • So many boots, so little closet space.


  • You can buy happiness, but it doesn't come cheap.


  • The best things in life aren't things #selfhelp 😂💸


  • Don't forget, we'll be open till late tonight. That's right—we turn into a 24-hour shopping center after dark.


  • I'm trying to remember what my problem was before I got this bag.


  • You've been really good all year. Let's treat yo' self.


  • Mall shopping is the ultimate way to de-stress and indulge all at once.


  • I have what my psychiatrist calls, "An unhealthy obsession with retail therapy."


  • Every time I go shopping, it never fails: I walk in with $20, I end up spending hundreds. 💸#$


  • If you love to shop, this is your season.


  • Just like a designer bag, the more you carry it, the better it looks. 😉


  • It's my favorite time of the year:the time when I have to replace all my sweaters and leggings with new clothes.


  • How did I spend $300 at Urban Outfitters? I have no idea—I was just browsing.


  • I have a solution, to all your big fashion problems, and it only costs 36 dollars.


  • Today is the day to spend your money on yourself.


  • I'm not saying I spend too much money, but it was my birthday yesterday and today.


  • Next thing you know, I'll have a place for everything and it'll all be in my closet.


  • You can never have too many pumas or wallets.


  • Never trust a bank teller with bad eyebrows.


  • Who else loves being online shopping and spending way to much money. 😄


  • What I've learned from buying way too much: you can never have enough skinny jeans.


  • I'm a walking ad for this store.


  • I love shopping so much that I once spent $3,000 on a necklace. And then I returned it.


  • I spend money I dont have, on things I dont need, to make me feel like a baller…💰


  • I justify each purchase to myself by thinking of all the things I could have bought, if I hadn't bought this.


  • If there was an award for biggest spender, I'd be wearing it every day. 💸


  • Last night I had one too many proseccos and remembered that I have a real life and try to shop in the mornings.


  • When the checkout girl asks if we want to save a tree, say yes and then stuff your bag with as many bags as possible.


  • I'm sorry, I was being selfish. I got carried away with selecting my favorite items in your store 💸💵


  • I'm sorry I bought another $400 worth of candles, but I was really drunk at the time and didn't know what I was doing.


  • Don't worry, I treat myself with self-control.


  • I'll return everything tomorrow.


  • I am on a shopping trip and I will not stop until I drop 😎


  • Shopping till you drop is a new way to lose weight.


  • I'm the only person that likes to go out shopping, leave without buying anything, and still feel like I got a good deal. #noshoppingday


  • It's one of those nights where I end up spending all my money at Whole Foods.


  • The only thing better than finding a great new outfit, is going home and completely forgetting how much it costs.


  • I'm sorry, were we still talking about going shopping? I got distracted thinking about all the money I was making spending.


  • I thought I was shopping till I realized that I forgot to buy a cart.


  • When you are going broke but didn't realize it until your card gets declined at the check out counter.


  • I can never resist when there are sales


  • I did not need this much new stuff. I should have just bought… more stuff.


  • And to all the days I spent my money on you!


  • I'm literally about to buy everything on this page. What's for dinner?


  • You can't take it with you. My advice? Buy as much as possible now.


  • If the shoe fits, get two pairs #treatyoself


  • The struggle is real ... 💸


  • I've gone to at least 8 stores today, and checked 5 websites. I think I might be a shopaholic.


  • This is what happens when you spend your afternoon shopping. #WhatDidIBuy


  • Don't spend the money you don't have. ...Or maybe do, and then shop with it.


  • I'm at the mall so much I should just rent out a storefront to sleep in.


  • I'm gonna spend on some stuff, so I can spend on more stuff


  • Weekend: an old concept where you get to do whatever the hell you want on Saturday and Sunday.


  • I'm so glad I caught this sale…I was about to get mugged for not buying it.


  • I'm actually surprised at how many things I can fit in my purse.


  • I'm having a hard time breathing, but it's only because I can't breathe out my wallet fast enough. 😬


  • This is why I always keep cash on hand for shopping trips. 😜


  • I don't remember my childhood, but if I had a nickel for every time someone told me to stop shopping 😜 …I'd probably still be broke tho!👍🏻


  • I'm sorry if I've been a little out of pocket lately...I've been on a shopping trip. Money's running low so I'll catch you later!


  • Now that fall has arrived, I can't stop making these excursions to the mall to find my next favorite coat.


  • I don't know how I'm going to pull off an entire closet full of new clothes, but I have three months to figure it out.


  • I'll be in my room. Shopping online. Again. 😩


  • Dear wallet, what did I do to upset you? Love, Me. ❤️


  • Halloween is over, but it looks like you purchased a few things at the store. 😎


  • What do you mean it's not payday yet?


  • Nailed it.

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