92+ Art quotes for instagram

92+ Art quotes for instagram

Art is an essential part of humanity. It can be used to express emotions, and can be used to connect people in ways that words cannot. There is something special about art that makes it worth preserving and enjoying.

If you're looking for some inspiring quotes about art, look no further than your favorite Instagram accounts! Here are 5 of our favorites to get you started: 



  • Art can be used to express emotions, and can be used to connect people in ways that words cannot. There is something special about art that makes it worth preserving and enjoying.


  • Art is an essential part of humanity. It can be used to express emotions, and can be used to connect people in ways that words cannot. ☀✌


  • Art is an essence of humanity. It has the power to express one's emotions and connections that words cannot create.


  • Art is a way of looking at the world that can be passed down to future generations and hold value in the present


  • Share your art. Someone might love it as much as you do.


  • The world is full of many wonders. Art is one of them #ArtMatters


  • Our limited edition artwork collection shows how art can be created in a material world.


  • Let the beauty of art be your soulmate.


  • Art is not appreciated only by the people who create it. It is appreciated by the people who look at it.


  • Art is a woman's soul, giving shape to the invisible. -Olga de Meyer


  • Art is everywhere and anywhere. Be inspired.


  • Abstract Expressionism is one of the most important art movements in American history. Check out our Artful History blog to learn more about this vital period in modern art.


  • What if all a picture painted was how much you had to drink.


  • Art has been a part of humanity and our history. It can be used to express emotions, connect people and in a way that words cannot.


  • Art is a way of expressing what words cannot. It can be used to connect people in ways that words cannot.


  • Art is about being honest and true to oneself. That's why we created our Paint with Purpose campaign, because it's important to help those in need. Here's to helping those in need, and creating art.


  • Art isn't just a noun. It's an expression, and language is an art form. So let's keep the creativity flowing ⚡️


  • Art will tell you how beautiful you are. Art will show you how brave, how alive, and how loved you are. Art will give you a place to stand, a space to breathe, and an identity that is uniquely yours.


  • I still believe that one day, the world will be filled with art…and music…and poems…and dance. And it will be a better place because of it!


  • Everyone has the power to create art. Unleash yours.


  • Expressing the outside in -Our time for art lessons has begun...


  • Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.


  • Anybody can be creative. The trick is to remain so.


  • Let's paint the town red this weekend because a little color never hurt anyone


  • There is something special about art. It's worth preserving and enjoying.


  • Art is a form of communication that speaks a universal language.


  • we are in a golden era of art. Here's how you can get in on the action.


  • Art is made up of lines and colors, you should try


  • What's your favorite art? Because mine's a "Whisper".


  • Art is important because it reminds us that no matter how hard we try, we'll never be quite as good at drawing as Leonardo Da Vinci.


  • Art for art's sake is priceless.


  • You think my paintings are worth a lot of money? Right now they're only worth $20. Want to buy one?


  • Art is all around us. It's in the difficult harmony of a piano sonata, the soft outline of a painting, and the gentle curve of your Ms. PacMan high score.


  • The eyes are the window to the soul. The heart is the door to art.


  • Art is a mood. An attitude. A feeling. Art is life, bro.


  • There's always time to take a break and enjoy the views. #‎vanlife


  • I guess you could say I'm a bibliophile 😉


  • What do you look like when no one is watching?


  • In a world where everything is mashed up together, art can be the only thing that makes sense.


  • Art is a way to capture the beauty of the world and hold it in your hands.


  • Art is something that breathes life into a blank canvas.


  • Art is in everything. It's a part of life that makes it worth living.


  • The world is melting. But art isn't. At least, not at @BritishMuseum. #FootnoteArtDay


  • I am an artist. I create meaning from the smallest detail and the largest theme


  • Art is art even if you don't understand it. 😈


  • I've been photographing the best art you might not have heard about. It's called #ArtLivesHere.


  • Life is an art. The good thing about it, you can do it yourself.


  • For the love of art, don't press that like button.


  • Here's to the artists of the world who keep us inspired and creative ✌🏼😉


  • Life is Art. Art is life.


  • You can count on us to safely store your most prized possessions. Because you never know when you'll want to look back and relive the memories of a life well-lived.


  • There really is more to life than social media and Netflix. I know, because I've seen the alternative.


  • There's something about art that makes it worth preserving and enjoying.


  • Art is the human expression that transcends words.


  • artwork is timeless. Enjoy the art—and the wine.


  • Art is subjective. But, who cares.


  • When words fail, art speaks.


  • With every stroke of my brush, I will paint a masterpiece 🎨. #keepartalive


  • Art is a way to get you out of bed every morning.


  • Art is a reflection of our collective creativity. 😎


  • Art is life. Art is passion. Art is love.


  • I'll pass on the paintings. I'm more of a Visual Learner. #ArtificialIntelligence


  • Art is for human beings, not for human doing, but for the delight and wonder of being alive.


  • In the mood to #takeapart and put together something that's worth framing?


  • Art is a matter of taste.


  • Can't paint? Can't draw? Don't worry—few people can. If a caveman did it, you can do it too!


  • Art is special because it's not just about the art itself, but all the emotions and feelings that come with it.


  • Art is a brilliant way to express yourself; so make your mark with our new doodle frames!


  • Art is how we get to know each other.


  • Be part of the movement. #ArtMatters


  • Everyone has their favorite piece of art. What's yours?


  • Art is dead, long live art. #artmas


  • Art is nature's best way to say hello.


  • There is a fine line between art and garbage. One man's junk is another man's treasure.


  • I'm that friend you can talk to about your art, but also be a wingman for your dating life


  • How do you express yourself? with an artsy caption, of course


  • Art. The word itself is beautiful.


  • Painting is a dialogue between the artist and his soul, and the viewer and his soul. -A.G Eddy


  • In art class, they teach you how to make a masterpiece. In life, they teach you that everything is your canvas.


  • Artists—they run on coffee and sarcasm.


  • Sometimes all you need is a good quote to lift you up and make your day that much better.


  • I love art. If you take away my art, I feel nothing. I couldn't live without it. Without it, I am nothing. Art is a part of me.


  • Without art there would be no ugly selfies, no funny cat memes and internet would be even more boring. So thank you for being an artist.


  • This is a piece of art. By definition, it must be worthy of preservation. When you gaze upon this masterpiece, you will feel the wind in your hair, the scent of apples on the breeze, and the taste of crisp autumn leaves against your tongue.


  • If you can't understand art, look at it... If you can't enjoy it, hear it... If you can't share it, be silent.


  • Art is the gift that keeps on giving.


  • A day without art is like a day without sunshine. So turn on the light and let your creativity shine through.


  • Art is a reflection of the artist and their time. It tells the history of where we've been, where we are now and where we hope to go.


  • Art-press 😜


  • I paint because I love to breathe; painting is an extension of life, and an art.


  • This game is a work of art. It's like the Pyramids. If you took away those pharaohs, what would we have?


  • Art is life, enjoy it.


  • Cancun is an art museum. Its canvases are the facades of its hotels, whose sculptors are mosaic artists that create elaborate designs with tiles.


  • Where there's a will, there's a way. Where there's a wall, there's a mural.


  • Whoever said you can't mix business with pleasure, never made an abstract painting.


  • Of all the things that I have lost, I miss my mind the most

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