How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story
How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story

How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story


There are several different ways to add music to your Instagram story. You can use YouTube, Apple Music, or Amazon. These services have a plethora of options, so you should try all of them out. You can even create your own custom music playlist and post it on your story. Just be sure to check out the rules before you start uploading. Here are a few ideas. Adding music to your story can boost your engagement and increase your revenue.

Apple Music

In addition to photos and videos, you can add music to your Instagram story. There are a lot of songs available on Instagram, and the music library is a great place to start. If you're trying to make the most of your Instagram Story, you may want to use Spotify to find songs you can't find anywhere else. You can listen to songs from all over the world, and you can choose the most appropriate song for your story.

To add music to your Instagram story, download the Spotify app. You'll need a Premium account, which costs $9.99 per month for individual plans. After you've downloaded the app, open it in the Instagram app. Choose a song and press the play arrow to preview it. From there, you can choose which section of the song you want to use. For image posts, you can choose a 15-second snippet, while for videos, you can select the entire song.

The music you list will appear as a sticker on your Instagram story. To customize its appearance, you can select the cover art and song title. You can also adjust the size and orientation of the sticker. Then, you can double-tap the sticker to return to the previous screen and pin it. You can also add multiple stickers, and share them from one or more accounts. Just be sure to give the sticker the right treatment, and be creative with your content.

Once you've added your song to your Story, you can change the length of the song. Typically, Instagram Stories allow for up to 15 seconds of audio. So, it's best to choose an appropriate length for your video or photo. The length of a video clip can be as long as you like, but the length should never be longer than 15 seconds. This can be shortened by tapping on the shorten button.

Spotify is another option for sharing music. If you've created your story using the latest version of the app, you can share it with the world via Instagram Story. Once you've finished editing the story, make sure to click "publish" to let your followers hear your music! You'll find a great audience for your music if you use Spotify. And you can also add new tracks and playlists to your story!

After you've uploaded your photos, you can customize your story by adding lyrics. You can also choose to add a sticker with the lyrics of the song. This will ensure that people who see your story will know what song it is by name. You can also change the size and orientation of the sticker as you like. It will look great on your story, so you can promote your music to the world! It's easy!


If you want to add YouTube music to Instagram story, the first step is to choose the video you want to upload. After that, you can add a sticker to your story that features the name and lyrics of the song. Now, you can also adjust the volume and change the start time of the song. This method will also work if you want to add multiple audio files to your Instagram story. Here's how to do it.

First, you need to choose the song you'd like to add to your Instagram story. You can do so by selecting the "Music" icon on the left-hand menu. There, you can add thousands of royalty-free tracks. You can choose the right song for the scene you're promoting, or upload your own music. You can also search for the song by mood or genre. To adjust the volume, drag the timeline.

To select a song, tap its play icon. Once you do, you'll be able to select the song's duration. Some songs offer multiple images and lyrics. Tap the one you'd like, and then tap "Done." Your song will then appear as a sticker in your Story. You can also move the sticker to another location. Once you've added a song, you can post the story.

Lastly, you can add YouTube music to Instagram story by tapping the share icon. After sharing your story with a song, you'll see a preview of the track, album artwork, and artist's name. After tapping the preview, you can listen to the song. The feature isn't yet available for every social media app, but it's coming soon. Once it's live, you'll be able to add YouTube music to Instagram story and Snapchat stories.

Another way to add YouTube videos to Instagram story is to create a mash-up video. This method can be time-consuming, but you can save time and effort by using a service like Biteable. This tool allows you to create beautiful video templates and upload YouTube videos to your Instagram story. Just make sure to cite the original source of the video before posting it on Instagram. If you aren't sure whether the video is licensed to use on Instagram, you can always ask the owner.


You can add music to your Instagram story manually or you can use the app's search function. If you use the latter method, you can select a song and play up to 15 seconds from it. The length of your clip is up to you, but you can use longer ones if you like. If you're not sure which song to choose, you can use Instagram's search function to find a specific song.

Another way to add music to your Instagram story is to create a video. While there are several tools available to help you do this, some of them may be more convenient than others. If you're using the app for the first time, make sure to check the licensing requirements for the songs you want to use. In some countries, music may not be legal for use on Instagram. The app will remove the song if it is not licensed for use. Additionally, you can't use music as part of branded content. If you're planning to use music, GIFs, or emojis in your stories, make sure to check the licensing terms before you use them.

To add a song to your Instagram story, follow these steps. First, select the music you want to upload. Then, tap the + button to add it to your story. This will bring up a timeline with the song in it. To change its duration, you can drag the box in the middle. If you're posting a video, you should choose the length of your video, which is usually 15 seconds. If you're uploading a static image, you can shorten the clip with a click of a button.

Another way to share your music to Instagram is to add it through music streaming services. SoundCloud, Spotify, and Shazam are a few services that can help you add music to your Instagram story. All you need is a mobile app and a video camera to upload the content. Then, you can share the music link directly with your followers. It's as easy as that! You can also add a YouTube link to your music.

Once you've added the music to your Instagram story, you should preview it to avoid embarrassing mistakes. In some cases, your audience won't know that you're using music and might not find it as appealing in silent mode. To avoid such an embarrassing situation, add a "Sound On" Sticker in the video. Once you've completed the steps above, you're ready to upload your video to Instagram.

You can also customize the stickers with text effects. The stickers can be resized or moved around, and you can also change their color by using the color wheel. Then, tap "Done" to share your story. You can also move the sticker anywhere within the story. If you'd like to display your lyrics, you can also select a regular label. And, remember, you can also add your music to your story by selecting the stickers you want to feature.

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