How to Group Watch YouTube With a Group of People

If you'd like to group watch YouTube videos with a bunch of people, there are a few different ways you can do it. You can either use Facetime, Discord, or SyncTube to do it. There are also other apps available such as MyCircle.


If you have ever wondered how to group watch YouTube on Discord, you're not alone. The feature has long been missing from the popular chat program, but a new update may have changed that. Now, the discord app is working on adding the ability to group watch YouTube. You'll need to be logged into Discord and a Discord channel to start streaming. Next, go to the channel and look for the Screen option.

The YouTube player on Discord requires authorization from users and will open a stripped-down version of YouTube. You'll be able to search for videos using the search function or paste the link directly from YouTube. Once you find a video that you like, you'll be able to add it to your playlist and share it with your friends.

Once you have authorized everyone in the channel, you're ready to invite people to join the YouTube watch party. The YouTube app will display a search bar and trending videos on the side. The search results page will also feature thumbnails of participants. You can also copy the activity invite link and paste it into a Discord chat.

First, you'll need to download the Discord app. This feature is not available on all servers. If you have trouble with this feature, you can try installing a Discord bot. Once you have done this, you'll have the feature of group watching YouTube in your Discord server.


The new iOS 15 update to FaceTime brings a new feature called SharePlay, which lets you watch movies and TV shows together on your FaceTime video calls. This new feature allows you to stream content from a variety of streaming services, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, to all of your FaceTime friends.

To make a FaceTime watch party, all you need is an iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or later. Once the FaceTime app has been opened, click the SharePlay icon to select a video. Once the video has started, all the participants will see the SharePlay icon, and they can stop the call at any time.

FaceTime also lets you share any window on your screen. Select ShareMyScreen, then tap the SharePlay button. You can share any app on your screen and any activity on it with other FaceTime callers. SharePlay is a feature that is automatically enabled for the next sharing session, so there's no need to remember to turn it on before starting a video call.

To start a FaceTime call, you should tap the FaceTime button on the bottom of the screen. You can then choose whether or not to share the video or audio. After you've shared your media, you can continue to talk and interact with your FaceTime friends. FaceTime has been designed to allow you to stream videos and movies from other devices and to share media. The video and audio streaming features work with iOS 15.1 or higher.

You can also change your username, avatar, and profile settings on Facetime. You can also share the link with your friends to view the video. If you want, you can enable audio and video for a more fun and interactive experience. You can also use the live chat feature.


If you're looking for a way to group watch YouTube videos with friends, SyncTube is an excellent choice. This simple app allows you to create a room and invite your friends to join. You can watch videos together and even chat in an integrated chat room. The service is free, and you don't need to register to use it.

The app's user interface is simple and easy to use. You can create a room, choose which people in the room should be able to view which videos, and share playlists. Users can also manage privacy settings and manage user permissions. The app also works with other streaming services, like Netflix and Spotify. It also allows users to install an extension on their browser to watch YouTube videos together.

If you have a Discord account, you can also use this service to watch YouTube videos together. The app allows you to share the screen with other people and watch the video together. You can also use a video conferencing application to join a room with multiple users. The software automatically places new videos into your playlist when they are uploaded to the site.

SyncTube is free and allows you to group watch YouTube videos with friends. Similar apps include Watch2Gether, TurtleTV, and CyTube. It's best to use SyncTube if you're interested in a free tool for watching YouTube videos with your friends.

You can also chat with your friends on SyncTube. The interface is simple and intuitive, and you can even create different roles and permissions for different users. This tool will also allow you to block other users if you need to.


MyCircle is a great way to watch YouTube with friends. The service allows you to create private YouTube rooms instantly. You simply input the YouTube URL and MyCircle will create a room with a list of videos that you can watch together. You can even chat with other users while watching a video.

If you are a parent and want to make sure your kids watch only appropriate content, Circle can help you. The app lets you set time limits on YouTube and other sites, and can enforce Restricted mode to prevent inappropriate content. The app also makes it easier to manage the number of devices members can use.

If you do not have an internet connection, you can still watch YouTube with your friends by using video conferencing software. These programs allow people from various locations to join a virtual meeting. Then, one person shares their screen with the group, and the others view the video. It's important to select the person with the best internet connection for the best video quality.

Another excellent option for group viewing is Watch2Gether. This website is very easy to use. The best part is that it does not require any registration. All you have to do is create a room and share the URL with your friends. You can also chat with your friends while the video is playing. You can also add comments in the chat room and rate shows. It has a very simple interface and is probably the best way to watch YouTube videos with your friends.

Another way to watch YouTube videos with friends is to use Couchsurfing. This site is specifically designed to let people watch videos online. All you need to do is create an account with a nickname and start watching videos together. Once you are done, you can invite friends to the room. If you want to invite more people, you can do so by sharing the link with them.

YouTube Party

If you are looking for a way to group watch YouTube videos, there are a number of options available to you. First, make sure you're using Google Chrome. Without it, you won't be able to cast videos to your TV or phone. You will also need to download the Google Cast extension, which you can install on your computer. Once you've installed the extension, you can log into the streaming service and invite others to join your group watch party.

Another option is to use a video conferencing tool. These services allow users to share their screens with others, but only if they have the best internet connection. Once you've connected, you can start watching YouTube videos with your friends. Then, you can chat directly with them while watching the videos, organize your playlist, and set a password.

Alternatively, you can use a website like Scener to create a group watch. To use Scener, you'll need to create an account on the site. Next, you'll need to choose your streaming service, then sign in. Once you've done that, you'll need to share the link of the video with your friends.

Another option is using the Vevo Watch Party app. This feature allows you to watch videos with friends and can even sync videos across multiple episodes. This feature also allows users to share comments and emojis. You'll also have a chat room where you can send messages to each other. Creating a room is free and permanent, but if you don't want your friends to join, you can also delete it.

Another popular option is Scener, which lets you group watch YouTube videos and movies online. Then you can chat with your friends in real time, audio, or text chat. Just make sure that you use Google Chrome, as the site may be slow at times.

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