How to Make a Quiz in YouTube

If you are wondering how to make a quiz on YouTube, there are several steps you should take in order to create a fun and effective quiz. For example, you can create a question set and present multiple questions simultaneously. You can also include a time limit on each question and let your viewers skip ahead to the next question. After they finish, you can share the results of your quiz on social networks and on your website.


Vizia is an app for creating YouTube quizzes. It enables you to add quiz questions, polls and open-ended questions to your videos. Once you've added your quiz, you can preview and embed it. The app keeps track of the answers. You can export the results as a CSV file or view them in Google Sheets.

Vizia is an educational tool that engages students while they watch YouTube videos. The app also lets teachers add polls, quizzes, responses, and calls to action. All you need is a teacher login. Vizia was developed by Brandwatch, a company that makes marketing insights visually appealing. The team gathered data from top industry sources to build the quiz tool.

Vizia lets you create quizzes and share them with students in a few minutes. You can create unlimited quizzes and share them with other teachers for free. You can even embed these videos on popular blogs and e-commerce sites. Once your students pass the quiz, you can collect their email addresses and other data.

Vizia's free app allows you to create YouTube quizzes and polls. You can also create educational, instructional, and fun trivia videos. The free app focuses on multiple-choice polls and simple questions. Although it doesn't say how many questions or polls a video can have, the ability to add interactive elements is very valuable for educators and students.


TED-Ed is a web-based education platform that lets you create lessons with multiple choice questions and videos. This website also allows you to integrate your own YouTube videos into your lessons. You can also create custom quizzes and share your lessons with others. To use TED-Ed, you can create an account with the site and add your videos.

The TED-Ed platform is an excellent tool for teachers who want to turn any video into an engaging lesson. All you need to do is create an account, search for the video you'd like to use, add any relevant information and create the quiz. If you'd like, you can also add a time-stamped video quiz. This allows you to make your lessons into watch-think-discuss sessions, and you can even get useful analytics from the quizzes and videos you create.

You can also use TED-Ed quizzes in YouTube to assess students' learning. The quizzes require students to watch a video about a subject or concept. Then, they answer related questions requiring them to make similar calculations to those in the video. In addition to mathematics, science and technology lessons are available. You can customize the quiz questions based on the learning objectives of your class.

You can use TED-Ed to add multiple quizzes to your YouTube videos. The quiz creator will allow you to flip videos, edit questions, and even add resources. The TED-Ed website also allows you to search for videos by keyword.


If you're looking for a free tool to create online quizzes for your classes, Edpuzzle is the right one for you. This tool allows teachers to create interactive lessons from any video using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It's also easy to use, with a minimal learning curve. With this tool, teachers can easily create a course by importing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or TED. They can also upload their own videos.

You can add multiple quizzes to a single video. To add quizzes, you must first select the Multiple Choice tab, and then type in questions and answers. You can also invite other students to answer the questions. Once you're done, click Save and publish your new quiz! You can then check the performance of your students.

EDpuzzle is free and lends itself to all levels of learning. It's particularly useful for pre-teaching, as the videos come paired with additional information and texts. You can also use the voice-over feature to engage struggling readers or introduce vocabulary words. It's also useful for math centers, as students can submit their answers.

EDpuzzle is a simple website that allows you to add multiple-choice quizzes and audio notes to a YouTube video. Similar to Vizia, this tool allows you to add multiple quizzes to a single YouTube video. The tool also offers the option to export responses to Google sheets. It even offers embed codes for your quizzes.


If you are looking for a way to make an interactive video quiz on YouTube, you may want to check out Mindstamp. This web-based tool lets you add links, hotspots, and forms to your videos. The interactive nature of this tool ensures that your videos will have the maximum retention potential. In addition, it also offers an accurate analytics dashboard.

If you're looking for an interactive video tool to make your videos more engaging, Mindstamp is the right choice for you. It allows you to type on top of videos and serve up interactive questions. You can ask multiple choice, free response, or voice questions. You can also add buttons to your videos. You can also check the analytics of your videos using Mindstamp.

Mindstamp lets you make customized, shareable video quizzes with ease. It lets you upload videos directly or import them from cloud storage. You can also change the style of buttons, background, and other features. And, once you're done, you can share the quiz on social networks.

Mindstamp also has a feature that lets you add multiple questions at once. You can present the questions in series and also limit the time a person has to complete each quiz. After the quiz is completed, the viewer can share their results on social media or with a website.


There are many different ways to make a YouTube quiz. Some of them will use video questions, while others will use dialogues. In either case, the video will display on a Projector View and will display alongside the answer options. In order to embed a YouTube video into a YouTube quiz, follow these steps.

WordPress Quiz Maker

Making a quiz in YouTube is simple and easy - all you need to do is set up an account with YouTube as a teacher, enter the video URL you want to quiz, and click "Go". The video's editing wizard will open, allowing you to select the "Quiz" icon. The next step is to set the quiz marker on the video timeline.

Google Forms is one of the best survey services online. It allows you to add question types and videos, embed YouTube videos, and share the form with others. Using this tool, you can quickly create multiple choice quizzes and share them with other people. If you want to make the process simpler, simply type the video's URL into Google Forms.

Another option for creating a quiz is to use one of the many free websites on the web. These tools are aimed at educators and allow you to embed quizzes and polls in your videos. Some of these platforms let you create multiple choice quizzes, and some allow you to embed text or audio notes into your videos.

Mindstamp is another tool for creating interactive quizzes. The quiz creator will open a popup window, and you can add multiple answers and video hints. You can also share the video link on social media and other platforms. Once shared, users can access the video link and take the quiz at the same time. You can also check the quiz results in a dashboard.

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