What does ratio mean on tiktok

What does ratio mean on tiktok

A TikTok ratio is the number of likes and comments in comparison to the number of views. For example, if a video has a Like / View ratio of 5%, it means that 1 out of every 20 viewers liked that post. The best ratio is over 0.01, which means an average of at least one like per hundred plays.

What is TikTok ratio?

  • What is a TikTok ratio?

  • A TikTok ratio is the average number of people who follow you back based on the number of followers and the number of people you follow. For example, if you have 10 followers and 20 people following you, your ratio would be 0.5 (20/10).

  • How do I calculate my TikTok ratio?

  • It’s simple! Just divide your follower count by your follow count to get your current TikTok ratio. To discover how to increase or decrease it, scroll down to “How do I improve my TikTok ratio?”

What are the reasons for TikTok deleting likes and views?

  • Spam

TikTok views and likes are removed if the content violates TikTok's spam policy. It could be that your video is too similar to other videos, or that you're posting a lot of times in a short period. If this happens, you'll get notified of the removal via an email from TikTok.

  • Cheating

If your account is cheating (for example, using a bot or other software to create fake likes) then the social media platform will remove views and likes as a penalty.

  • Inappropriate content

If you post inappropriate content, such as violence or nudity, then TikTok may remove your likes and views. They do this to discourage users from posting inappropriate content on their platform.

How to increase TikTok views and likes with legal methods?

There are many ways to boost the views and gain more likes in your TikTok videos. Here are some of the best tips for boosting views and likes on your videos.

Using hashtags at the right place, does not only increase views but also helps brands or people who want to promote their business or a specific product find you. When you use hashtags, people who are interested in that particular content or product will be able to see it and like it. So by using trending hashtags, you can increase the chances of getting more followers as well as likes.

Make sure that your video is engaging enough for the viewers to like it. If you post videos daily but they don't contain any useful information then people won't like them even though they may view them because they have nothing else better to do with their time than watching other people's boring videos which are not relevant at all.

You should add a website link or other social media platform link so that people can find out more about what they're watching on TikTok without having to search through all those useless accounts which have nothing interesting in them anyway! This way they'll be able to contact you if they like what they see - which might result in getting more followers too!

Ratio, which is new on TikTok, is the average number of people who follow back.

What does ratio mean on TikTok? The follow back ratio, which is new on TikTok, is the average number of people who follow back. It’s a good measure of your engagement with your audience. You can see your own ratio by clicking the profile icon and then tapping Followers (or Following).

It’s not possible to check the ratio of other TikTok users. And while there are tools that can help determine the followers/following ratio of Instagram influencers and celebrities, many of these are outdated or no longer work.

You can use your ratio to measure progress over time as you grow your account. For example, if you have 500 followers and 587 following and it goes up to 750 / 948 in a month, then you know that you’re doing something right! However, keep in mind that ratios aren't always accurate — they're based on an algorithm rather than hard data (so don't get too worked up if yours changes every day).


Now that you know how to calculate your ratio, are you happy with the number? If not, don't worry! There are several ways to improve it. First of all, make sure your ratios pass TikTok's algorithm. A good ratio is anywhere between 1.3 and 2.0. If you want to boost your numbers even more, create compelling content that will engage your followers and inspire them to follow back when they see it in their feed or on the Discover page. Lastly, as time goes on and you gain a larger following and higher level of popularity, just remember that having an organic following is key! A high ratio is always better than one that has been boosted by a bot or fake account—and it will help you be successful on TikTok in the long term!

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